A downloadable game for Windows

Created by:

Programmer - Alex Borg (@Alex_Borg01)

3D Artist - Justine Di Natale (@jdintuella)

Animator/3D Artist - Susan Dang (@wolfspirit_sd)

Special thanks:

Animator/Miscellaneous - Matt Duan

Music by Clare Fogarty



Race against the clock in Grapple Rush, a third person grapple hook game. Swing and sling through various worlds with your grapple hook and experience the thrill of flowing through the air. Launch yourself through the air using a combination of acrobatics and parkour tricks and push your skills to the limit as you battle for the top score on the leaderboards.

Controller highly recommended!

Tested to work on Xbox 360 and Xbox One Controllers. Not guaranteed but may work with others as well.

Whilst development has been cancelled indefinitely, we will still support this game! If you encounter an issue that is preventing you from playing, feel free to let us know and we'll get it fixed.


Left stick to move

Right stick to move the camera

A Button to jump

Hold right trigger to grapple or swing

Hold left trigger to wall run

Right bumper to dive

Left Bumper to centre camera

X Button to change direction while wall running

Install instructions

Unzip and double click GrappleRush.exe


GrappleRush.zip 53 MB


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i love grappling games